Providing Care & Showing Support.

Providing Care & Showing Support.

Luke & Spencer Behavioral Health

Cody Luke and Dave Spencer are excited to bring their 30 years of combined experience in the mental health field to form a new agency in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Their experience has included a wide range of clients they have served, positions they have held as clinical directors and leaders, and developing good working relationships with other professionals in the community. They acknowledge that this area of the state is often underserved and that many people have struggled to access counseling and other behavioral health services. They are pleased to provide another option of treatment providers to the Southeast Idaho community where they were both born and raised.

Cody Luke - LCPC

Cody has found most of his success working with teenagers and adults. Cody intergrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Person-Centered Therapy (PCT) as his two primary therapeutic approaches. Cody got his start in the mental health field in 2007 and has been inspired by those he has worked with who have faced and conquered many of life's challenges. Cody has learned that everyone has a story to tell and that people want to be heard, understood, and validated without fear of others passing judgment.

While Cody was a middle school math teacher (2007) he began working part-time after school teaching life skills to at-risk teens. This work provided him with everything he loved about teaching and more. Cody decided to leave teaching to work with teenagers and adults in 2008 as a full-time paraprofessional working under the direction and tutoring of several licensed counselors.

In 2015 Cody began working towards his Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and graduated from Capella University in 2018. Cody is now honored to provide counseling to individuals, couples, families, and groups while also being able to provide direction and tutoring to paraprofessionals in the mental health field. Cody enjoys spending his personal time with his wife and four children doing just about anything together with them. Still, if it were his choice, most of his family time would include anything to do with playing, watching, or coaching baseball.

Cody wrote a book based on his professional experiences, as well as the first-hand experiences of his contributors. This book presents the realities of the widespread issue of suicide and suicidal ideations, seeks to remove stigmas and misconceptions associated with sharing thoughts and feelings related to them, and offers hope to both parties.

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Dave Spencer - LCSW

Dave attended Pocatello High School and got a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Idaho State University and a Master's in Social Work from Eastern Washington University. He has been a counselor in Idaho Falls, ID since 2010.

As a clinical director, he has developed and run multiple treatment programs and clinical departments for various agencies in the Idaho Falls area. He has always enjoyed supervising colleagues, students, and other professionals. In practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), he assists clients in identifying thought patterns and beliefs that a person's life experiences have shaped and then assessing how those thoughts and beliefs influence how the person thinks, feels, and functions today. The hope is then to assist people in restructuring their thoughts and feelings to achieve greater satisfaction in relationships, increase overall functioning, and improve quality of life. CBT, in conjunction with other forms of treatment in individual, family, marriage, and group settings, can be valuable in helping people achieve their treatment goals. When mental health, trauma, substance use, and everyday stress hinder living a happy, fulfilling life, Dave is eager to tackle these things with you.

In his personal life, Dave has a passion for traveling, going to rock n’ roll concerts, camping, four-wheeling, playing cards and board games, and spending time with his wife and four children.

Amy Schepcoff - LMFT

Amy is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist registered with the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. Amy is also trained in trauma interventions, including Brainspotting, AMST, and EMDR. Her experience has included working with sexual and other behavioral addictions, substance addictions, PTSD and trauma, high-risk adolescents struggling with behavioral and emotional issues, personality disorders, women’s issues, mood disorders, and group therapy.

Amy has previously worked as Director for crisis, residential care, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Amy is active in the community and a member of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors (IAMFC). She is a Certified Supervisor for the Idaho Licensing Board of Professional Counsellors & Marriage & Family Therapists and the Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification.


Daisy James - LMSW

Daisy completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Idaho and her Master’s in Social Work at Boise State University. She is currently a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). Daisy specializes in trauma-informed care and somatic experience. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brain Spotting.

Daisy is interested in treating a wide array of issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, grief, loss, and eating disorders.

As a dedicated social worker, Daisy is constantly learning about different systems that affect well-being. She has a strong passion and interest in working with teens, adults, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Daisy’s main goals are to provide trauma-informed counseling, cognitive restructuring, mind-body connection, and mindfulness to improve mental health, physical health, and personal growth, creating enhanced well-being.

In her free time, Daisy enjoys weightlifting, health/fitness, traveling, family time, and cooking.

BayLee Sorenson - MSW Intern

BayLee was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She completed her undergradute degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University - Idaho, and is currently studying to receive her Master's Degree from University of Kentucky's College of Soical Work.

BayLee is exicted to intern at Luke & Spencer Behavioral Health.